What you need to know about being accepted into
The Applied Neuroscience Institute Professional Training Programs

The Acceptance Process begins with a personal interview with me, Dr. Donald Johnson, Associate Director at ANI.  Yes, you start with an interview from the top and not with a form to fill out.  From the beginning, I want to get to know you personally, more about what your hopes, dreams, and goals are in becoming a professional life coach.

Your level of motivation and your desire to become a professional life coach are of most interest to us.  Many of our students have a background in psychology or in science, but just as many do not.  The skills of a life coach often emerge from backgrounds one would never expect.  Good coaches emerge most from the personal determination and desire to learn and to be great at what they do, and a deep desire to pass on to others what they have learned.  That is how the neuroplasticity of the brain best unfolds, and that is part of what we will teach you. You will learn a lot about neuroplasticity.

Your brain grows healthier when you let your life move forward with great hope and expectation.  

Our Promise To You

We make a promise to all of our students that if you do the homework well, you can be an excellent coach.  And we support you in getting that homework completed if you run into difficulty. But you have to “want to.” You have to be “coachable.” Coachable people become good coaches because they have a mind-set that is open. The concept of an "open mind-set" emerges from the research by award winning Stanford psychologist and professor, Dr. Carol Dweck. If you have an open mind-set, and if you can show us that you will retain and deepen that mind-set, we want you.

We believe that every experience of your lifetime is a learning experience, and we believe that you draw upon these experiences in becoming an excellent coach.

If you saw the Academy Award winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire,” you know that the young man in the movie won the prize because he drew upon the variety of experiences in his life.  Everything becomes important and significant when you decide that you can and will learn from your experience by having an “open mind-set” for new learning that helps you see your life- past, present, and future- in new ways.

It happens when you give the neuroplasticity of your brain an “open mind-set” jog, a long jog into the future.

Your Personal Interview

Your interview with me will be about that desire and determination that comes from your “open mind-set.” 

We are selective, and people who are not coachable are not invited into our circles of significant learning that is life changing.  Yes, you can be sure that what you learn will change your life for the better.

In his award winning work and in his book, Growing The Positive Mind, Dr. Larkin  (degree from Yale, doctorate from Harvard), the founder of this program, makes 7 promises. (Ask me what they are when we talk!)  We make these same promises that are the core of this work in all our training programs.  These promises happen if you work the NeuroPositive Method,™ and they will work in the lives of those you coach.

But each step requires an “open mind-set.”  It is what Steve Jobs described in his commencement address at Stanford University: the dots do not connect going forward; they connect when we look backwards and learn from our experience how to positively create the future.  If you want to be drawn by the future, more than you want to be burdened or held in place by your past, we are interested in having you join us.

Call me for a personal interview and we will begin to “connect your dots” for the future that can be yours!

Dr. Donald Johnson
Associate Director
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