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The primary goal for the Professional Caretaker Coach program is for the well-being and optimal living of the Caretaker.  Maintaining you at your best and fostering ongoing personal health and well-being is the first essential of being a Caretaker Coach.  The care you give yourself and the dedication you have to your well-being is what is most essentially going to affect, over the long term, the quality of care you give your client (s).   You will succeed at this program by becoming your own best coach first.   

Quality care emerges from what is done well in care giving; it emerges from quality living that has moved beyond empathic burnout to the compassionate life.  We know from the research that empathy is draining and eventually closes down caretaking to perfunctory performance.  Compassionate care, on the other hand, is not exhausting and does not deplete one’s own well-being and aliveness; it is self-renewing.  It is grounded in compassionate mindfulness, which is the cornerstone of the professional caretaker program.

Optimal Well-Being For The Caretaker First

Your learning in this program is best communicated to your client by your own health and well-being.   It is something like osmosis.  We know that positive emotion has contagion; that is, others “catch” it.  The State of Mind Management™ (SOMM) that you will learn has its own contagion and your clients will catch this as well.  If anyone watches you closely, learns your moves and moods, and watches you “tick,” it is the enhanced knowing your client has for you.  You are “tracked” by your client.  You are “read” by your client.  You are a fundamental communicator of hope and significance in life by how and who you “are.”

Oftentimes in the medical community, you are the most overlooked and underestimated aspect of the care constellation.  We understand that, and we also understand this to be part of what creates stress in this profession.

Move From Fight/Flight To Calm/Connect

Learn to move from fight/flight to calm/connect in your own life.  You will learn how brain coupling happens, a profound level of connecting with in your life and those with whom you work.  You will study the endocrinology of compassion and how it differs from the deleterious effects of empathic involvement with a client.  

You will learn more deeply about brain neuroplasticity. You will learn about brain noise and learning. You will learn about what happens when hearing is impaired by chronic illness.  You will learn about chronic pain as a disease, not simply as a symptom.  You will learn how pain and its perception are different in everyone, and that perception of pain can be altered by change other than medication.  You will learn about the consequences of decreased automatic movement and body function. 

The 12 Step UpSpiraLife™ Group For Caretakers

In addition to the one hour a week class session, you will also participate in an UpSpiraLife™ (Up Spiral Life) Group.  The group is a positive 12 step group that serves as a group support for you and your work.  Participation in this group both during your learning experience and afterward provides support and reinforcement in your work as a Caretaker Coach.  Your group experience directly augments what you are learning in the training course. 

You will learn how to take care of yourself in optimally healthy ways and you will communicate the well being that generates to your client as a coach of the well-lived life.

The Course Curriculum

30 weeks of live training via GoToMeeting* will take you personally and professionally to a new level of expertise as Caretaker Coach.  The curriculum includes 10 Brain Modules, 5 Brain/Biology Modules and 10 modules of State of Mind Management (SOMM)™

25 weeks of UpSpiraLife™ Group Training (group coach training) via *GoToMeeting in an actual UpSpiraLife training group.  

Live training sessions are 60 minutes in length with an optional 30 minute Q & A with the instructor following the live session.  You are in class once a week for the Course Curriculum and once a week for group support and reinforcement. (minimum of 2 hours per week)

*GoToMeeting is a free downloadable connection from Citrix Communications and works with your computer.

$500.00 rebate for pre-enrollment.

The Zipline:  Through the Rainforest of the Mind: ™ 

Licensed NeuroPositive Coaches (NPC) receive free continuing education after Course requirements       are completed.  The Applied Neuroscience Institute is the only Coach Training Institute that gives its program graduates free on-going continuing education in both cutting-edge neuroscience research and in marketing in our Zipline Continuing Education Program.  Licensed coaches also receive free call-in support.

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