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The NeuroPositive Professional Group Coach™

You will be trained to form and lead The Up Spiral Life group, trademarked UpSpiraLife™, which is a NeuroPositive™ 12 step group. Based on the book, 12 New Steps For A New Millenium: The UpSpiraLife Group, created and written by Dr. William K. Larkin, Director of the Applied Neuroscience Institute, these groups grow and deepen emotional fitness, NeuroPositive being, and the well-lived life. 

  1. Made the decision to experience positivity as often as possible.
  2. Made the decision to stay in an UpSpiral regardless of events outside of us.
  3. Dedicated ourselves to knowing, growing, and living our strengths.
  4. Found, over time, five personal heroes that would act as guides to the use of our strengths.
  5. Made the decision to know what we wanted personally by remaining, over time, in an UpSpiral and became open to letting a Source greater than ourselves guide us to our knowledge of them.
  6. Made the decision to begin to grow in our belief in a personal VibeCore—that we could have what we wanted in life.
  7. Became increasingly open to the diverse and multiple ways that what we wanted in our lives could come into being and used these steps to build and increase a core personal positive vibration that became the “flow” of our lives.
  8. Became increasingly generous and reciprocal with ourselves and our “means” in life.
  9. Formulated five malleable five-year goals and three actions steps every four months to move toward these aspirations.
  10. Allowed these goals to lead to the emergence and development of a vision for our lives.
  11. Allowed this vision to navigate us and to attract to us others whom we allowed to be guides and sources of wisdom, who became the experience of MasteRevelation for us.
  12. Shared this program and these steps with those who, demonstrated by their lives and interest, showed a readiness to hear them.

  1. You can feel the positive emotions that you choose to feel if you lean your consciousness consistently and gently over time in that positive direction.
  2. Positive emotions will increase for you in three dimensions. You will be able to get to them rapidly, you will be able to make them last in duration, and you will be able to increase their intensity.
  3. You can stay in the UpSpiral 100% of the time, and by being there, raise both your happiness and emotional set-points and “feel good” most of the time.
  4. Negative feelings, over-reacting, and the sense of the fear of oppression will decrease. Unnecessary anger and anxious over-reactivity will eventually be replaced by expecting and seeing the best in others and in outside events.
  5. By knowing and using your strengths everyday, you will become happier, more content, and increase your sense of personal autonomy and competence.
  6. You will come to know that every negative event is an experience that can take you to your strengths, providing, over time and with practice, solace and solutions that are empowering and that build personal confidence.
  7. Your VibeCore is at the heart of you and can grow. As it increases, you will, over time, get more of what you want.
  8. You will live your life in a flow, more and more “one with the music” of life.
  9. Your goals and action steps, expressed over time in writing, will give you a sense of direction in life.
  10. Your goals, malleable and given written expression over time, will lead to an inspired vision.
  11. You will find and define the vision of passion for your life.
  12. Your vision will give you a sense of personal significance and meaning and will attract to your life vital sources of revelation and support.

In the UpSpiraLife Group, the Group Coach guides participants through 12 Steps and 12 Promises, supporting group members in growing and using a NeuroPositive mind in everyday life.

At the heart of the experience of these 12 steps is brain coupling- learning to connect in a way that is best described as having your ideas and emotions understood and received- what we call “felt experiences/felt feelings. This experience creates neural integration and fosters positive neuroplastic growth in the brain.

Group members learn to share their positive growth and challenges, and how they are using NeuroPositive™ tools to face the challenges in their lives.  The NeuroPositive Professional Group Coach™ develops the skills and the know-how to craft a positive group culture with a focus on growing this more integrated NeuroPositive mind.

The 12 Steps Of Building An UpSpiral Brain

The focus is not on solving personal problems by focusing on them, giving them attention or “talking them through.”  It is not group therapy or group problem-solving with a focus on what’s going wrong, how difficult life is, or how one’s life isn’t working out.  While challenges in life may be presented, the focus is on how the brain works best in an UpSpiral.  Working through 12 very specific steps of positive personal growth is enhanced by the support of the group and the NeuroPositive Group Coach.™

Life challenges are presented against the background of strengths development and the applications of the tool box of the NeuroPositive Method.™

Creating a positive group culture is very tricky when the watchful human brain has a tendency to default to potential threat or fear, especially in the face of novelty.  Creating and maintaining this positive group culture is the primary skill of the Group Coach.

Learn The Neuroscience Of Powerful Group Coaching

For some, positive group coaching is an alternative to one-on-one coaching and it requires a different and expanded skill set.  However it offers the opportunity to reach more people, and by the synergy of the group, can be more powerful and effective than one-on-one coaching.  It can also, depending upon how the group coach structures the group, offer an opportunity to people who cannot afford individual coaching.  Creating and facilitating an UpSpiraLife™12 Step group professionally and well is what you learn in this group coaching course.

The Course Curriculum

25 weeks of UpSpiraLife Group™ Training (group coach training) via GoToMeeting in an actual UpSpiraLife™ training group.  

Live training sessions are 60 minutes in length with an optional 30 minute Q & A with the instructor following the live session. 

GoToMeeting is a free downloadable connection from Citrix Communications and works with your computer.

$2495.00 with a $500 rebate for pre-enrollment

The Zipline: Through the Rainforest of the Mind™

Licensed NeuroPositive Coaches (NPC) receive free continuing education after Course requirements are completed.  The Applied Neuroscience Institute is the only Coach Training Institute that gives its program graduates free on-going continuing education in both cutting-edge neuroscience research and in marketing in our Zipline Continuing Education Program.  Licensed coaches also receive free call-in support.

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