“NeuroPositivity” is what results when you increase the growth and stimulation of neuropathways in the brain that control positivity. We can liken it to a positive state of mind, but it really goes even further. It is a “positive state of being.”

The rationale for “NeuroPositivity” is simple: to increase your experience of personal well-being by increasing the positivity of your brain at a neuronal level.

Why is this important?

1. Your brain runs efficiently and easily on positivity. Your thinking and feeling faculties are sharper. You simply feel good.

2. You thrive at a cellular level and your entire body is programmed more toward wellness and well-being.

These two profound truths affect not only how you feel, but everything you do.



Gratitude: Brain Lubricant


Gratitude is the emotional state that enables the most rapid transmission of positive impulses and the connectivity of positive brain neuropathways. So what? Here’s what. When we study them, gratitude is one of the lead strengths of the happiest people. When in doubt, go to gratitude. Whenever you have spare time, immerse yourself in gratitude. Whenever your brain is wandering, experience gratitude. When you’re in traffic, go to gratitude. When you hear a great song, go to gratitude. In fact, when you hear a lousy song, go to gratitude. Get it? Growing the Positive Mind Dr. William Kent Larkin

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