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Where The Rubber Meets the Road

Can You Coach This?


In the Certificate course, you learned the research and its application which gave you the knowledge background you need to be qualified. You also learned to apply what you learned to yourself and your own growth.  It is quite a different experience to apply that knowledge to others.  The NeuroPositive Method ™ is different for every person you coach because it pays attention to individual differences.  Learning the knowledge and coaching that knowledge are two very different skill sets.

How do you win the trust of your client in the first session?  How can you win the trust of that client in the first 10 minutes of a session?  You can lose client trust in the first 5 minutes, and if you do, it is very difficult to get it back. So, your first learning goal is to “brain couple” with your client.  You will learn how to actually apply what you have learned on an intellectual level in Course 1 to an actual client and you will receive feedback from the instructor and from the client about how you are doing.

The "How To" Of NeuroPositive™ Coaching

You will have 35 hours of supervised practice in a live training class and you will get at least 35 hours of coaching experience, which you will bring to supervision for a total of 70 hours of professional coach supervision.

You will be monitored and given feedback about how you retain this connection with your client throughout the coaching process. This is the course where the “rubber hits the road." Can you apply, over a period of time, The NeuroPositive Method™ to an actual client? This is the experiential learning to be mastered and polished.  

You will learn about the difference between empathic and compassionate connections with your clients.

How do you establish a relationship with your client that does not descend into a presentation of personal problems and resistance to growing?  How do you deal with the client who is anxious and fearful? How do you deal with a client who has little or no sense of what their goals might be? What do you do with an aimless client with no sense of direction who cannot find goals of interest and desire?

You will learn how to address all of these issues.

What are really essential questions, how and when do you ask them?  How do you ask a question that hasn’t been answered in several different ways until the client finally addresses the issue you are pursuing and how do you help the client pursue those issues that are most essential and key to their growth and development?

Developing The Skills Of NeuroPositive™ Coaching

You will begin to learn the skills that will be further developed with practice and experience.

How do you deal with a client who doesn’t keep appointments or changes them too frequently?  How do you deal with a client who is fooling themselves about their goals?  You know that their goals will not give them the satisfaction or the significance that your client believes they will.  How do you address unrealistic goals and goals that will never give the satisfaction the client believes they will?

Coaching Clients Through Change & Transition

How do you identify stages of growth in a client that identifies them as “stage stable”? And how do know when a client is going through a major life transition that is rooted in personal identity and a changing meaning system that is redefining the client’s whole sense of self and other?

You will identify your own stage of growth or transition and you will learn how to elicit this material from your client. Most significantly, you will learn how to help your client navigate transition. Being the guide that helps a client navigate a major life transition is an enormous service.  These are keen skills of identifying major self/other life transitions are not easily found in the coaching profession or in the world today.  

You will work on developing these skills.  

Life transition is closely linked to meaning making development and a sense of personal significance.  Setting this stage is significant to identifying authentic goals.

Building The NeuroPositive™ Coaching Tool Kit

Building the NeuroPositive Coaching Tool Kit™ includes intensive practice with The Emotional Gym,™ strengths development, UpSpiral™ and other client measurements, assessments and record-keeping, and examines your ability to coach effectively using these tools. 

You learn how to fashion homework that your client will do, how to make agreements and contracts, how to use that homework if it is completed, and how to use the experience of incomplete homework in the personal growth process.

You will learn how to fashion malleable goals into a statement of a malleable vision that creates personal meaning, strong enough to provide a sense of personal significance.

Our Commitment To You: Continuing Education

We are certainly aware that what students learn here is a beginning, and that continuing education is essential.  We know that you will continue to learn and have questions.  That is why you can call for free consultations about work you are doing with your actual clients.  

It is also why we have the Zipline:  The Rainforest of the Mind™, our free continuing education program.  You will be kept abreast of the cutting edge in neuroscience research and work in coaching the NeuroPositive Method ™  in periodic training with a member of our faculty. 

The Course Curriculum

20 weeks of live training and supervision via GoToMeeting* will take you personally and professionally to a new level of expertise as you become a Licensed NeuroPositive™ Life Coach.  

4 weeks of this time is spent in initial training in group coaching using our 12 Step UpSpiraLife™ Group model.

Live training sessions are 90 minutes in length with an optional 30-minute Q and A with the instructor following the live session. 

*GoToMeeting is a free downloadable connection from Citrix Communications and works with your computer.

Students in this class also have the opportunity for private paid coaching sessions at a special student rate, by arrangement with the instructor.

The Zipline:  Through the Rainforest of the Mind: ™ 

Licensed NeuroPositive Coaches (NPC) receive free continuing education after Course requirements are completed.  The Applied Neuroscience Institute is the only Coach Training Institute that gives its program graduates free on-going continuing education in both cutting-edge neuroscience research and in marketing in our Zipline Continuing Education Program.  Licensed coaches also receive free call-in support.


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