Raise Your Happiness and Emotional Set-points

In a study, lottery winners turn out to be no happier than they were 18 months before winning the lottery and paraplegics have recovered the state of happiness they had 18 months prior to their accidents. Happiness does not correlate with health, wealth, education or status. But it does correlate with the some things we can now identify and grow in our everyday lives. You can raise your happiness set-point and your emotional set-point. The neuroscience of happiness and joy lead us to new revelations about how the mind/brain connection can naturally elevate state of mood and keep at a place where “feeling good” is a way we can live. Dr. Willliam Larkin, a neuroscience researcher can tell you how.


Get into and UpSpiral of positive emotion, learn what your strengths are and take some tests that actually identify your strengths and you can move forward to being in a state of flow in everyday activities. Flow is actually what we are wired for, it is the normal state of being. It relates to increasing your happiness and joy as well as life satisfaction and well-being. Dr. Larkin and the staff at The Applied Neuroscience Institute can tell you how.

Strengths In Education

In this except from a television program, Dr. Larkin explains the importance of strengths in education & mentoring, and also discusses their use in family coaching.

Meet Dr. Larkin

This video discusses the impact of the methods that are used at ANI and a television commentator shares the impact of them on her life.

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