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In recovery from addiction, testing and other research in addictionology reveals that it takes approximately 3 years for the right hemisphere to recover and to be able to get “the bigger picture,” and approximately 2 more years for the left hemisphere to gain a sense of direction with this larger, more accurate view of life.  An addage from the rooms of recovery is that it takes 3 years to get your marbles back and 2 years to know what to do with them is supported by the research.   However, it is always this further recovery of the right hemisphere “larger picture” and the executive functions, particularly of the left frontal lobe, that dominates healthy, forward moving, long term recovery.

Armed with this knowledge and understanding of the brain, the NeuroPositive Recovery Coach™ is a role that aims primarily at two areas but is not limited to them.  They are post rehabilitation stabilizing and long term recovery.  

The Bridge To Continued Recovery

There is an enormously significant gap between finishing a rehab/recovery program and the absence of a bridge to continued recovery after this usually very limited rehabilitation experience. This gap needs to be filled by coaches specifically trained in securing people from rehab into a stable, continued recovery program at home.  

Many rehabilitation centers, even the more costly ones, have not provided sufficient attention to this crucial and significant transition back home and back to the community. The release from the cocoon of the rehab back to the environment of the addict is one of the most difficult and tenuous steps in recovery, and often the initial trigger of short-lived recovery and relapse.

Longer term recovery is the second ignored area of the necessity for deeper and more pervasive sobriety and personal growth. Relapse and suicide rates by those with longer terms of recovery is significant, and needs to be addressed as an opportunity for a new kind of growth that original 12 step programs did not anticipate.  Life after long term recovery is a significant health concern, overlooked by the attention given to the overwhelming need for initial recovery from addiction.

The Special Needs Of Long-Term Recovery 

Long term recovery has special concerns and needs that can be addressed in ways that provide a more optimal and secure life-long recovery program.  Relapse in long term recovery is an especially sensitive and difficult issue that presents a particular area of concern for effective interventions of continued deepening growth, health, well-being and optimal living.   

Simply put, there is too much downspiraling and depression in those with long term recovery from 8-10 years and upward. Many are not significantly integrated into a larger community of connectedness.  

Overcoming Isolation, Finding Meaning In Long-Term Recovery

There are those for whom the culture of the“recovery community”is too narrow and insufficient to meet their needs, and they can too easily isolate and live in loneliness.  The NeuroPositive Recovery Coach™ is trained to recognize and coach issues in meaning making and a sense of personal significance, leading to a vision for life that is more connected to others.  

Long term issues with addiction and recovery oftentimes deal with subtle and not-so subtle tendencies toward isolation that go easily unnoticed by those with longer periods of sobriety, who slip through the cracks by growing older. Those with longer term sobriety can go easily unnoticed when the focus of attention and purpose is always given to the “newcomer.” Many of those in longer term recovery are successful in finding their place as mentors and sponsors and delight in telling their stories again and again, but just as many tire of hearing these stories and do not find their place over time fading into the shadows of living that could be more full of the promises of recovery from addiction were a NeuroPositive Recovery Coach™ available to them.

  1. Made the decision to experience positivity as often as possible.
  2. Made the decision to stay in an UpSpiral regardless of events outside of us.
  3. Dedicated ourselves to knowing, growing, and living our strengths.
  4. Found, over time, five personal heroes that would act as guides to the use of our strengths.
  5. Made the decision to know what we wanted personally by remaining, over time, in an UpSpiral and became open to letting a Source greater than ourselves guide us to our knowledge of them.
  6. Made the decision to begin to grow in our belief in a personal VibeCore—that we could have what we wanted in life.
  7. Became increasingly open to the diverse and multiple ways that what we wanted in our lives could come into being and used these steps to build and increase a core personal positive vibration that became the “flow” of our lives.
  8. Became increasingly generous and reciprocal with ourselves and our “means” in life.
  9. Formulated five malleable five-year goals and three actions steps every four months to move toward these aspirations.
  10. Allowed these goals to lead to the emergence and development of a vision for our lives.
  11. Allowed this vision to navigate us and to attract to us others whom we allowed to be guides and sources of wisdom, who became the experience of MasteRevelation for us.
  12. Shared this program and these steps with those who, demonstrated by their lives and interest, showed a readiness to hear them.

  1. You can feel the positive emotions that you choose to feel if you lean your consciousness consistently and gently over time in that positive direction.
  2. Positive emotions will increase for you in three dimensions. You will be able to get to them rapidly, you will be able to make them last in duration, and you will be able to increase their intensity.
  3. You can stay in the UpSpiral 100% of the time, and by being there, raise both your happiness and emotional set-points and “feel good” most of the time.
  4. Negative feelings, over-reacting, and the sense of the fear of oppression will decrease. Unnecessary anger and anxious over-reactivity will eventually be replaced by expecting and seeing the best in others and in outside events.
  5. By knowing and using your strengths everyday, you will become happier, more content, and increase your sense of personal autonomy and competence.
  6. You will come to know that every negative event is an experience that can take you to your strengths, providing, over time and with practice, solace and solutions that are empowering and that build personal confidence.
  7. Your VibeCore is at the heart of you and can grow. As it increases, you will, over time, get more of what you want.
  8. You will live your life in a flow, more and more “one with the music” of life.
  9. Your goals and action steps, expressed over time in writing, will give you a sense of direction in life.
  10. Your goals, malleable and given written expression over time, will lead to an inspired vision.
  11. You will find and define the vision of passion for your life.
  12. Your vision will give you a sense of personal significance and meaning and will attract to your life vital sources of revelation and support.

This training also includes the introduction of ANI’s NeuroPositive™ 12 step model that is not intended to replace but rather to augment existing 12 step addiction programs.  It is the NeuroPositive UpSpiraLife™ (Up Spiral Life) 12 Step Group. This group provides support and expansion to persons with long term recovery.  The UpSpiraLife group encourages and guides participation in the wider community and in emotional fitness and the optimally well-lived life. The NeuroPositive Recovery Coach™ both participates in and is trained as a group coach in and with this model.

The Course Curriculum

30 weeks of live training via GoToMeeting* will provide the initial learning to become a NeuroPositive Recovery Coach.  The curriculum includes 10 Brain Modules, 5 Brain/Biology Modules and 10 modules of State of Mind Management (SOMM)™

25 weeks of UpSpiraLife Group™ Training (group coach training) via GoToMeeting* in an actual UpSpiraLife training group.  

Live training sessions are 60 minutes in length with an optional 30 minute Q & A with the instructor following the live session.  You are in class once a week for the Course Curriculum and once a week for group training. (minimum of 2 hours per week)

*GoToMeeting is a free downloadable connection from Citrix Communications and works with your computer.

$2995.00, $500.00 rebate for pre-registration..

The Zipline:  Through the Rainforest of the Mind: ™ 

Licensed NeuroPositive Coaches (NPC) receive free continuing education after Course requirements are completed.  The Applied Neuroscience Institute is the only Coach Training Institute that gives its program graduates free on-going continuing education in both cutting-edge neuroscience research and in marketing in our Zipline Continuing Education Program.  Licensed coaches also receive free call-in support.

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