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The Satsang Professional NeuroPositive Coach™

Satsang (“true company/company of Truth”): creating higher consciousness and oneness

Prerequisite: Prior yoga training credential

It is time for you to take your yoga teaching off the mat and into the everyday lived life of your clients. Satsang is the integration of your previous yoga training with the principles of neuroplasticity for the purpose of increasing both fitness and consciousness. 

Throughout the course, you will be exposed to a variety of research studies which show that yoga, when compared to other forms of relatively low impact physical activity (such as walking) creates positive neuroplasticity, reduces anxiety and even lessens depression.

10 Brain Modules, 5 Brain-Biology Modules

From the overall course curriculum which includes 10 Brain Modules and 5 Brain-Biology Modules, you will learn that the brain is as an always unfolding, evolving mind of higher structures of reasoning and knowing that foster optimal health and well-being. When these structures do not unfold because of resistance or simply unknowing, disease of one kind or another is the result.

In this course, you learn about The Roller Coasters of Addiction,™ The Roller Coaster of Loneliness™, and The Roller Coaster of Stress and Oppression™, and how this momentum cycles in the brain. You will learn how to turn this negative energy into a positive flow of health and well-being, and you will integrate your yoga training in doing so.

From Fight/Flight To Calm/Connect

You will learn about the journey from flight/flight to calm/connect and the fMRI hyperscanning that has given us the knowledge of brain coupling, so essential for connecting, defeating loneliness, creating community, and growing group consciousness.

You will learn extensively about Polyvagal Theory and research and about how to teach your clients to move rapidly from threat that is most often self-inflicted to a place of safety. From these inner safe places, you will learn about oxytocin and its place in lowering defenses, not without vigilance, but with grace to a place where deeper and fuller human connection is possible. It is the movement from fight/flight to calm/connect to hearted sharing and oneness.

State Of Mind Management™ (SOMM)

You will learn about The Emotional Gym™ in 10 modules of creating State of Mind Management (SOMM)™ and you will integrate these modules with your practice. 

You will experience and train to be a group leader of the UpSpiraLife™ Group, a 12 step group for positive emotional group and strengthening and you will integrate this group training with your practice.

Each class includes a Moving Meditation Module™ of integrated learning.

You will be trained also as a group coach in 25 sessions of the UpSpiraLife (Up Spiral Life) Group and will be credentialed to form and lead these groups as a part of your practice.

The Course Curriculum

30 weeks of live training via GoToMeeting* will take you personally and professionally to a new level of expertise as you become and create Satsang. 

The curriculum includes 10 Brain Modules, 5 Brain/Biology Modules and 10 modules of State of Mind Management (SOMM)™

25 weeks of UpSpiraLife™ Group Training (group coach training) via GoToMeeting in an actual UpSpiraLife™ training group. 

Live training sessions are 60 minutes in length with an optional 30 minute Q and A with the instructor following the live session. You are in class once a week for the Course Curriculum and once a week for group training. (minimum of 2 hours per week)

*GoToMeeting is a free downloadable connection from Citrix Communications and works with your computer.

$2995.00 with a $500 rebate for pre-registration.

The Zipline: Through the Rainforest of the Mind™

Licensed NeuroPositive Coaches (NPC) receive free continuing education after Course requirements are completed. The Applied Neuroscience Institute is the only Coach Training Institute that gives its program graduates free on-going continuing education in both cutting-edge neuroscience research and in marketing in our Zipline Continuing Education Program. Licensed coaches also receive free call-in support.

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