“NeuroPositivity” is what results when you increase the growth and stimulation of neuropathways in the brain that control positivity. We can liken it to a positive state of mind, but it really goes even further. It is a “positive state of being.”

The rationale for “NeuroPositivity” is simple: to increase your experience of personal well-being by increasing the positivity of your brain at a neuronal level.

Why is this important?

1. Your brain runs efficiently and easily on positivity. Your thinking and feeling faculties are sharper. You simply feel good.

2. You thrive at a cellular level and your entire body is programmed more toward wellness and well-being.

These two profound truths affect not only how you feel, but everything you do.



The Applied Neuroscience Institute

The vision of our Institute is simply stated: we train individuals, groups, and organizations to move beyond therapy to coaching, beyond illness and healing to an UpSpiral of sustained well-being and happiness. Nowhere else will you find the same research based approach to life coaching, integrated with an intensive focus on developing positive and powerful coaching strategies and interventions.

Positive affect is a strong attractor when it is coached using a clear and deliberate approach. Over time, these are interventions that steer you and those with whom you work, using our coaching tools like the Emotional Gym, to the most positive of destinations in life.

The ability to measure and deepen the experience of positive affect, a path to help clients identify what is their “heart’s desire,” along with the belief that they can attain it all and remain open and creative in the ways it can appear, and learning tools that support clients in their ability to move toward positive decision making and inspired action, are all part of our life coach training.

We know that life is a series of powerful transitions, but often we can’t really define what it is we’re moving from or wanting to attach to next. All we know is that life isn't deeply satisfying, and we have the sense that there must be more.

At ANI, we believe that everyone can navigate these life transitions more positively and successfully, and instead of only seeing doors closing, we know that our coach training can teach everyone how to navigate through transitions in ways that evoke growth in positivity and a greater sense of life satisfaction and well-being.

Think about this. Patterns of positive emotion, once set in motion, are stronger in the long run than negative ones. Simply stated, positive emotion will overtake the negative emotional pattern, over time and with practice. Our coaches are experts in navigating these positive waters. The interplay of positive consciousness, thinking, feeling and awareness over time, with the initial smallest intent, can change the course of one’s whole life. We train our coaches to be your expert guides on this journey.

After reviewing our site I think you will understand why so many individuals and organizations choose the Applied Neuroscience Institute to help them achieve their own positive transformation. I invite you to call us for a free initial consultation, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your own very personal journey!

William K. Larkin, Ph.D.,

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What We Believe

  • Being in an UpSpiral of positive emotion is a universally desirable state for everyone, no exceptions.
  • “Feeling Good” is the natural outcome or result of being in an UpSpiral. It is the norm.
  • Pessimism is unnecessary and undesirable, if you know your strengths. In fact, pessimism is the gateway to negativity and depression-what we call the “Down Spiral.”
  • Your scientifically tested strengths reveal your “best self” and keep you living in your UpSpiral.
  • A life of flow is our natural state.
  • Your essential vibration predicts the power of your attraction in every aspect of your life.
  • Everyone can have a vision for their lives that gives meaning and a sense of personal significance. A personal vision is the well-spring of happiness and an overall sense of well-being.
  • Truly mutual and fruitful relationships are a vital force in our lives. These friends and experiences provide us with “revelation” that guides us in the manifestation and fulfillment of our personal vision.

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