I have a much better understanding of what my strengths are, and have learned how to incorporate them into my day. Developing my strengths has given me the clarity and focus to determine what I want. Knowing what I am good at has contributed to the belief that I will attract the things I want in my life.

Amy H.

The life coach training class of the Applied Neuroscience Institute has given me a gift of renewed life with solid direction. I now have a more meaningful life, experiencing a natural progression with renewed vigor, enthusiasm for each day, and a defined personal significance and meaning.

Rochelle M.

In years past, I have been exposed to very similar concepts, but there has not been another program that has been pulled together in such a comprehensive way. And I am living proof that the outcomes for those using your tools can be life-changing!

Kim S.

Dr. Larkin, When I met you I had no idea who I was. I was completely disconnected from myself. You truly helped me to remember who I am. You helped me to begin building a container which is me. You helped to bring me home...." Please quote me wherever you need to. These words are from my heart to yours smile love always, Rosalind


This class helped me manifest an effortless and harmonious family re-uniting. I turned to my strengths and opened myself to my true values.

Virginia Cummings

My life has turned around. I have found the “operation manual” for a happy life. It is easy, it is fun as I spiral to the stars. I feel more alive, more optimistic and look forward to more and more happiness. BRAVO!!

Angela D.

This work gave me the opportunity to put to use, practice sue, all the or most of the techniques I’d been studying and learning in metaphysics. It brought together the best of current spiral practices and scientific research and gave me a way to put what I learned into a system I could use to set and accomplish life goals.

Douglas Albert

This has been the best class I have ever taken. It made feel great and how to continuing feel great no matter what. Things that would get me down no longer have the power. My life gets more and more joyous and I feel I am becoming more and more successful. Thank you so very much, Dr. Larkin!

Robert F.

This workshop has empowered me to be more of who I am and use my gifts. It has also given me the opportunity experience the gifts and beauty of others and to build a spiritual community. I am motivated to share what I have with all of my friends and family.

Jean Conley

-a major boost in understanding and uncovering the large reservoir within my “essence” and the potential to blossom and integrate. A powerful sprit of love and energy and acceptance pervaded each session. The passed quickly, each minute, each week –a sign of growth and joy.

Bob F.

I resisted, resisted and resisted, but show up –at the last class I felt joy. It was a great experience. I “am” happier for it.

Richard Casabonne

This work and knowing my strengths has totally changed how I interact and work with other people, including allowing me to connect to a soul mate. How sweet it is.

Jas Minkel

The awareness of my strengths has been a very real gift to me. I review all 10 strengths each day. They define my approach to the day. It has been absolutely amazing how daily frustration/anger has turned to daily joy, gratitude and unlimited love for all activities. Thank-you Dr. Bill.

Bruce Wortham

I have become aware of the choice I have to live 90% in the upward spiral and I can feel love, peace, gratitude, whenever I choose.


This work with all of its tools and insights has allowed me to transform my life. I was in a downward spiral and emotional going on empty, but didn’t even know it. With this educating I not only know there is more to experience but also the “how to.” The Emotional Gym is a tool I will continue to use. Thank you Dr. Bill.

Andrew Hamling

This class and completely removed my negative “oh shit” reaction. I now find peace and intrigue in my life. I look forward to a new day and new day for change. Change is now my friend.

Mickey Arnold

This work has been exceptional. I have changed my thinking from being a victim to be a co-creator of my own life.

Cliff Nelson

This work has made me look at life and myself in a totally different way. My glass is half-filled where it used to be half empty. I am much more positive now. Even losing my job didn’t get me down. I know it was the right thing. I am grateful all that is in my life and all the good feels that I have gotten from this work.

Marilyn Ushman

Wow! What an incredible class! I feel like it has really changed my life. I know it has changed my outlook on life and has taught me to think daily about where I choose to be on the emotional scale of life. I have learned to draw upon my strengths daily as my own and my own natural use of them, guides me through everyday life. Thanks, Dr. Bill!

Steve Frank

Yes! This great work on the neuroscience of happiness has gotten me back on tract after long ten years of intense care giving and a death. If eel back in the groove again with a new gratitude- my purpose is clear now. I’m doing many things already.

Mo Hainer

What Our Graduates Are Saying

John Booker, AT&T:

I would have to say, the most significant change in my life is my vision for the future. I know what I want in life. That is huge! Having some ideas, in the back of my mind, does not compare in any way to having clearly defined goals, visions, and dreams in writing. As I continue to learn and grow, I can change my goals. The FuturePac process also revealed some goals I would not have expected. I visualize my wants and desires and I know how I will feel when they manifest. I have learned the formula for discovering what makes meaning in my life. This was a fun process that I can’t wait to share with others.

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ANI VisioNavigator Class

Ken Horst, Certified Clinical Hynotherapist:

I would never have guessed, not even in my wildest dreams, that I would be experiencing the personal deep changes in myself that I have, in such a very short time. Transferring to a positive mental outlook from the lifetime of negative internal verbiage that I have subjected myself to. I have taken multiple (too many to count) workshops on self help, and ‘fix yourself now’ classes that either in days or weeks left my mind completely. The ‘change’ these classes promised was, for me, short lived or non-existent.

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The Journey of a VisioNavigator

Linda Hyman, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist:

As someone who has suffered from Major Depression for almost four decades, this course has brought new people into my life, given me new strategies and ways of thinking and has given me the insight abd oppportunity to know that ultimately, I have full responsibility for my mental and emotional wellbeing and how I choose to live my life. Perhaps more importantly, I now have optimism that I can live to my fullest potential every day and actually be a happy person.

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VisioNavigator Certification Class

Mary Garvey, Licensed Clinical Social Worker:

Despite this being a group of diverse adults - the individuality, uniqueness, and special talents of each man or woman was enhanced. Each was invited to “assert the mastery of his or her own authentic self” and magic happened both individually and as a group. I experienced this waking up of my authentic self over the course of the 20 weeks and watched with amazement as I saw it happen to my classmates. What a positive and life-changing opportunity this class has been for me to raise my vibration and to live the life of joy that I came forth to live! THANK YOU...

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Dr. Happy

Tanya Burak, Realtor, Dyson and Dyson:

Dear Dr. Larkin (alias Dr. Happy) … When I can’t get to feeling JOY … which is increasingly easier… I can always enjoy the gift of laughter recalling your “Oh great! … another day as Dr. Happy” stories and adventures. In spite of the inability to articulate the brilliance and impact of this work … I know and embrace its value and importance with an ever expanding appreciation and respect. I have never been as positively impacted or so inspired by any other learning experience … whatever the format and/or its good intent! If all “masters of their trade” or educators had a fraction of your expertise and presented their work with such high level of preparation and professionalism … coupling it with your passion and humor … we could/would be an educated nation … hungry for more learning and evolving. I don’t have to work so hard to retrieve or hold onto what I know and/or feel. And if nothing else … I am eternally grateful for being able to enjoy a deep sleep for almost the first time in my life. I do not wake up like shot out of a cannon and finally can appreciate why people love their snooze buttons.

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A Summary of Growing the Positive Mind

Mark Anderson, Owner, Aqua Zebra Graphics:

Dr. Larkin’s book was extremely thought provoking. So much in fact, that when I learned a class was starting, built around the book, I knew I wanted to be involved. My experience has been enlightening and has changed my outlook on life. Good thing, as I was, as Dr. Larkin calls it, "flatlining". Life had lost its joy. Here I’ve found not only a philosophy, but a roadmap to a better life. But be forewarned, this is not a class to sit back and soak in new ideologies, leaving enlightened and changed. It can be all that, if you do the work. Not counting the daily exercises, I averaged 3 to 5 hours of homework each week. Frankly, the exercises often seemed trivial and time consuming at first glance. Yet, at the end of each homework assignment, I found I had learned more and understood the concepts more deeply, brilliant!

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VisioNavigator Certification

Rev. Michael Kearney:

Dr. Larkin and Dr. Johnson, I wish to acknowledge you for presenting and facilitating this wonderful experience. In addition to this class I have found that my experience with each of you in our other encounters has been truly valuable. Not always the most comfortable, but valuable. These past months and 20 weeks have provided some very strong momentum in my expression and I am confident that this will continue for the rest of my life here. My original struggle was to see where this work would fit into the “spiritual” aspect of my life, my work and my passion. Certainly I have found that there is an easy correlation to this work, the work of others that I still hold dear and the opening of Science of Mind at the top.

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My Experience at ANI in 2008

Kelly Laurich, Certified Life Coach:

Discovering that I can change the neuropath ways in my brain with my thoughts and emotions has opened doors and presented opportunities that never occurred to me prior to this experience. I am now aware of my negative thought patterns and I know they do not serve me. I have always believed in being positive and through this course I now know there is scientific evidence that proves how that behavior can heal us. It also proves being positive gives us a solid basis to create our lives and attract the goals we desire and the ability to achieve them.

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